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Health And Glutathione

Glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant enzyme produced by our body. It has excellent antioxidant effects, and there are hundreds of types of medical literature explaining Glutathione anti-cancer and cancer treatment functions.

In general, Glutathione can be divided into three aspects in cancer prevention:
  1. Detoxification of carcinogens. Many environmental toxicants may be carcinogenic, and Glutathione can exert its detoxification function in combination with carcinogens.

  2. Antioxidant effect. Numerous medical studies have pointed out that oxidative damage and free radicals attacking DNA in normal cells can lead to genetic mutations that in turn cause cancer. Glutathione can protect cells against the damage of DNA caused by free radicals, thus effectively preventing cancer.

  3. Enhance immunity. Glutathione can prevent the formation of tumors by maintaining its immune function. In summary, as long as the human body has sufficient antioxidant capacity (by eating foods rich in antioxidants or taking antioxidant supplements), the chance of developing cancer will be greatly reduced.

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Do you know how to increase the concentration of glutathione correctly?

Glutathione can be produced either by the body or from food. It is a nutrient that helps the body prevents various diseases. 

Glutathione, which is added to many whitening antioxidants, does the glutathione work to protect the liver? Some nutrition experts claim that oral glutathione is not well absorbed by the body and therefore does not bring health benefits to the body. 

Therefore, you must first have the right idea to find a conscience product that is both healthy and affordable. 

It is exactly because of this that the use of "precursor" products can help the body produces its own glutathione superior healthcare products and properly increases the body's glutathione concentration.

Glutathione GSH is not a chemotherapy drug but a supporter of cancer therapy.

Medical experience at home and abroad has found that fighting cancer cannot be controlled by drugs alone, because the drugs that treat cancer are very toxic. 

Excessive use of the drug will cause the patient's immune system to continue to decline and cause organ failure. This will prevent the patient from failing in treatment and increase mortality. 

The doctor will give the patient immunity. Since normal cells and cancer cells have very similar metabolic mechanisms, normal cells and cancer cells will have similar damage reactions to chemical or radiation treatments. 

These injuries are partly caused by free radicals, such as inflammation of the oral mucosa, so if antioxidants can be properly used; it is possible to eliminate the free radicals produced by anticancer treatments on normal cells, that is, to reduce the toxicity of anticancer treatments to normal cells. 

And because glutathione can eliminate free radicals in normal cells, and also has the ability to repair deoxyribonucleotides in normal cells, glutathione can be used as a protective agent for normal cells.
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Glutathione can be used as a substance required for normal cells to synthesize and protect DNA in anti-cancer therapy. In addition, glutathione can carry amino acid through the cell membrane to provide normal cell repair, especially to repair DNA in the nucleus. 

In addition, it can also reduce the inflammatory response, mainly by inhibiting free radical production, reducing the severity of inflammation. 

In contrast, glutathione is used in cancer therapy because cancer cells have lower levels of transforming enzymes on their cell membranes than normal cells, so they cannot effectively help glutathione to enter cancer cells and recombine into glutathione. 

So cancer cells cannot be supplemented with glutathione as normal cells in the body. That is, cancer cells do not have the body of a gold bell cover of “glutathione” (but normal cells are because of glutathione Supplemented by the body of the Admiralty Mask, cancer cells are no longer protected by glutathione and cancer cells are still being attacked by cancer treatment, so that treatment can be effectively performed without serious side effects.

In addition, due to the presence of a certain amount of transforming enzymes in the normal cell membranes of the kidneys, liver, and nerve cells, the study also found that the additional supply of glutathione in anticancer treatment can reduce the liver caused by chemotherapy. 

Kidney and neurological toxicity. So glutathione is not an anti-cancer drug, but an effective supporter of cancer therapy. 

Current clinical trials have also confirmed that the use of additional glutathione supplementation can indeed reduce the nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity caused by the use of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin in patients with gastric cancer and ovarian cancer, and use oxaliplatin for colorectal cancer. Can eliminate neurotoxicity. 

In addition, additional glutathione supplementation is also helpful for leucopenia caused by radiation therapy and inflammation of the oral mucosa. Therefore, combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, glutathione can be used as a protective agent for normal cells.

Glutathione can also serve as an immune system enhancer.

The immune system also depends on the help of glutathione to maintain its proper function. Glutathione is required for the function of the immune system, especially for the production and maintenance of T lymphocyte function. 

T cells can recognize and clear mutant cells to avoid the formation of cancer. Therefore, glutathione can also be used as an immune system enhancer in anti-cancer treatment.

Glutathione is used in combination with chemotherapeutic agents or radiation therapy as a cytoprotective agent
  1. Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  2. Does do not affect the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  3. Improve the quality of life of cancer patients.


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